Make the connection and receive evidence of your crossed over loved ones and their continued life on the other side. Join Shauna Domalain, Transformational Medium and Life Coach, as she takes you on a journey to connect with your inner mediumship gifts while experiencing the spirit world in a meaningful, loving way. Love never dies and our lost loved ones are always eager to make the connection!

Ask a Medium Q&A Part 2

As a medium I am always asked questions about the dead, the afterlife, reincarnation and the reasons to connect with lost loved ones.

In this episode, I'll answer these questions...  

  • What do the dead do in the afterlife? (do they watch hockey?)
  • How much do spirits remember of the life they left?
  • Can the dead give you the heads up on what's coming up in your life? (lottery numbers?)
  • How fast do people reincarnate and can you speak to someone who has already reincarnated?
  • Can you reach people who have been dead for a long time?
  • How does connecting with the dead really help us?
  • Do you meet all your loved ones on the other side? (even the ones you would rather not see again?)

Visit: and take a FREE quiz to see if you have mediumship abilities! 

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