Make the connection and receive evidence of your crossed over loved ones and their continued life on the other side. Join Shauna Domalain, Transformational Medium and Life Coach, as she takes you on a journey to connect with your inner mediumship gifts while experiencing the spirit world in a meaningful, loving way. Love never dies and our lost loved ones are always eager to make the connection!

Spiritual boundaries refer to an invisible forcefield around you, otherwise known as your aura. By improving your spiritual boundaries, you'll not only have time to clear any energy you may have picked up as you move throughout your day, but also, you'll feel better as you return to a state of authentic you. Better spiritual boundaries create a happier world for you first, then it extends to others around you and is a wonderful way to create a life you love.  

During the Holidays our lost loved ones are always near. That sudden memory of them, a lingering scent, or even a song that you reminds you of your loved one, are all ways that they will convey to you that they are with you. 

How to Finish 2020 Strong

There are 40 days left in 2020, yup, 40. How are you planning to spend them? Are you open to setting the intention to enjoy the rest of this year and finish strong no matter what shows up for you?

There is enough time to:

Make gratitude a habit

Understand where people are coming from

Connect to your intuition

Label your emotions so that you don't react to them

And, so much more!

Learn 4 ways to create with beings of light. The beings of light represent a myriad of energies we each have access to from angels, spirit guides, crossed over loved ones, and more!

1. Ask to be shown what you're recreating in your life and the action steps to change it.

2. Be willing to be vulnerable and see things exactly as they are.

3. Connect to your Spirit.

4. Stay in question.

As the veil between the world of Spirit and the physical realm is thinner this month, it's an exciting time as we have the amazing opportunity to tune into Spirit and our mediumship side like never before! 

1. Are Ghosts More Active Around Halloween?

2. Is My House Haunted?

3. How Can the Thin Veil Benefit Me?

4. What Happens When a Spirit Doesn't Cross Over?

5. What You Can Add to Your World if You Need a Little Extra Support with All the Energies.

Spirit will relay information through a myriad of different ways from moving new people into your world, to drawing your attention to helpful books and music, to synchronicities, dreams, signs, and symbols, and through your spiritual senses, the "Clairs.

To see those in Spirit is called clairvoyance.

To feel those in Spirit is called clairsentience.

To know those in Spirit is called claircognizance.

To hear those in Spirit is called clairaudience. 

Spirit will utilize your strongest gift first when relaying messages. In this episode I'll take you through a quick exercise to determine your strongest gift.

In this episode Alice shares her life as a mortician from the first body she worked on, dressing bodies and special requests from families for their lost loved ones. She shares the love she has for her career and the beauty that her gift of mediumship brings to her work. 

"I’m just a girl who tried just about every career path before sprit lead me to the career no one excepted; being a mortician! A tarot reading from a very talented witch in New Orleans lead me down the path of funeral service, and I will never look back! At first it was a typical 9-5 job, until sprit decided to step in. When I started, I felt I was just assisting the living in working through their loss, but now I find myself aiding the dead as well. I am blessed to have the absolute privilege to do this work, and hope to continue in this path until the end of my days."

When our loved ones leave their physical body they do not have access to higher consciousness on the Other Side. Meaning, they do not have lottery numbers for us! They will, however, give us love, support and guidance from the Other Side and become our greatest fans.

Jessica is an internationally recognized Certified Evidential Medium and Criminal Profiler with a professional background in law enforcement and emergency management. Jessica has served in various government roles as an investigator and first responder in the United States and Canada.

Jessica holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Management with a focus on violent offenders, homicide investigation and forensic analysis. Jessica has spent almost two decades specializing in Security, Homicide investigations, missing persons, close protection, physical combat etc. Jessica also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Jessica actively consults for law enforcement agencies globally as well as offering spiritual readings to her private clients.

Jessica was born with her spiritual abilities that she struggled to accept for most of her life until she had several life altering experiences. Jessica was guided to her spiritual mentor Pat Longo, whom helped her accept and develop her abilities to help others. 

Visit her website:

Your sacred space allows you to step inside your inner world where you can more clearly hear your inner voice, and receive the flow of love and support from Divine energies and that of your Higher Self. A sacred space is an energetic doorway that not only allows you to access your beautiful guiding Spirit in countless ways, it also raises your vibration so that you are more readily available to sense and tune into the Divine energies that are all around you such as angels and lost loved ones.

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