Make the connection and receive evidence of your crossed over loved ones and their continued life on the other side. Join Shauna Domalain, Transformational Medium and Life Coach, as she takes you on a journey to connect with your inner mediumship gifts while experiencing the spirit world in a meaningful, loving way. Love never dies and our lost loved ones are always eager to make the connection!

Ask a Medium Q&A Part 2

As a medium I am always asked questions about the dead, the afterlife, reincarnation and the reasons to connect with lost loved ones.

In this episode, I'll answer these questions...  

  • What do the dead do in the afterlife? (do they watch hockey?)
  • How much do spirits remember of the life they left?
  • Can the dead give you the heads up on what's coming up in your life? (lottery numbers?)
  • How fast do people reincarnate and can you speak to someone who has already reincarnated?
  • Can you reach people who have been dead for a long time?
  • How does connecting with the dead really help us?
  • Do you meet all your loved ones on the other side? (even the ones you would rather not see again?)

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Ask a Medium Q&A

In this episode, I'm sharing email questions from listeners...

  • How can I obtain closure after the loss of a loved one?
  • What are the best ways I can communicate with my deceased loved ones?
  • Why do I have recurring dreams about my deceased loved one?
  • How can I regain my sense of purpose after the loss of my loved one?
  • How do I know a deceased loved one is near me?
  • How does my deceased pet feel about me getting another animal?
  • How do I know if I have mediumship gifts?

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Many of us, especially women, have been taught to give and give and give without question. As you may have already experienced, this can become exhausting and depleting. Perhaps you already have strong boundaries, or maybe you're realizing just now that you really need to set them, but are not sure where to start. Boundaries are an important way of setting the terms for how it is and isn't okay for other people to interact with you, and on an energetic level, a way of protecting your own energy. 

Just last week I was at an event and a dear client of mine introduced me to her husband. He was jovial and charismatic until he heard that I was a medium! He didn't talk to me again that night. People are scared of mediums for a myriad of reasons from their fear of death to a fear of finding out something they would rather not. Join Shauna in this episode as she shares the common reasons why people are scared of mediums and mediumship.

Animals have a special place in our heart. Anyone who has fallen in love with their pet knows they give so much love and gratitude for our companionship and care. When it comes time for them to cross over into heaven, it is a loss that is felt deeply by everyone in the family, including other pets. Our beloved pets are safe and at peace on the other side.

Recently, a client came to see me and was worried as to why her deceased boyfriend had contacted another family member but not her. It's normal to want to experience our crossed over loved ones as we want to make sure they're okay, that they didn't suffer, and that they are still connected to us. In this episode we will look at the different reasons why your loved one hasn't made contact and give you tips to recognize how they may have already been leaving signs for you!

In episode 56 join Shauna as she takes you on a soul-filled journey to meet your higher self. Explore your passions and your natural talents knowing that every smile you share, every story you tell, every person you touch, leaves your imprint and changes the world forever. You were created to use your sacred gifts to create positive change in the world.

Energetic attachments can show up for a myriad of reasons. Some people refer to these energies as ghosts or disembodied beings. If you are aware of voices, physical sensations, smells or even visions, you have a gift with spirit communication that you may or may not be utilizing. As a medium I've experienced every kind of energy you can imagine and what I know for sure is that you do not need to be afraid and you can easily clear these energies while keeping your vibration in the high-vibe zone!

As your gifts begin to open, or change, the world around you can look totally different! This isn't to alarm you, but rather give you the insight and tools to enjoy the process. In this episode, we will look at the different ways that the spirit world is communicating with you and how to stay grounded as you make the connection more and more.

From runner guides who assist with parking (my personal favorite) to joy guides and even crossed over loved ones, we all have a spiritual team just waiting to co-create with us. In this episode, I shared the 5 most common "disrupters" that may be jamming your connection to your spirit guides. Once you learn to identify any blocks to your connection, you can activate your connection and call in clear, unquestionable guidance from your spiritual support staff that are here to help you be the best version of you and live a life you love. 

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